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Save Our Aquifer Coalition

Save Our Aquifer Coalition


SOAC is a grassroots, registered California Public Interest Association. Its diverse membership has a single purpose:To reduce the overdraft and bring demand and recharge into equilibrium through rational, responsible and sustainable water use.


Specifically, SOAC seeks to


        reduce the overdraft of Borrego Valley groundwater significantly within five years

        bring demand and recharge into equilibrium within ten years or less

        ensure that


o       residents

o       business owners

o       elected officials

o       government agencies


understand the urgency and seriousness of the groundwater overdraft in the Borrego Valley, and share responsibility for eliminating it.


Ultimately, SOACís goal is to assure an ample supply of high-quality groundwater to sustain the Borrego Valleyís human, plant, and animal communities in perpetuity.


For more information: SOAC:   SOAC Q&A

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