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Digger - January 6, 2023

Highlights of articles about or related to groundwater in the Borrego Valley of California and efforts to manage it - or not.

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Borrego Sun 01/05/2023

Water Emergency Declared P. 1

San Diego County has relied on Colorado River water since 1946, most of which is supplied by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). On 14 December 2022, MWD declared a "Regional Drought Emergency" in response to the prolonged drought in the western U.S. and called on water agencies they serve to immediately reduce use of imported water.

The MWD obtains about one-half of all water used in Southern California from the Colorado River and from Northern California via the State Water Project (SWP). Both sources have been adversely affected by the drought. The past three years were the driest in California's history resulting in record low SWP deliveries to Southern California. The federal government has called upon users of Colorado River water to curtail their use by up to 4 million acre/feet per year - the amount used by California - or face mandatory reductions.

In the 1990s, a severe dry spell cut San Diego's water supply from MWD by 30%, so, in 2003, the San Diego County Water authority negotiated an historic water transfer agreement with the Imperial Irrigation District, the single largest user of Colorado River water, for about 55% of MWD's total requirement

Perhaps due to a persistently overly-optimistic interpretation of the transfer agreement, growth of water-dependent residences and enterprises of all sorts have been and continue to be approved by local governments in San Diego County apparently without consideration of water supplies to support them - which are not unlimited.

Geoff Poole, General Manager of the Borrego Water District, commented that residents of Borrego Springs are "lucky" not to depend on imported water and to have an idea how much reliable, local groundwater is available.

Letters to the Editor, p. 6

Four letters. None about water.

BWD Receives "Present" for Holidays, p. 7

Senator Alex Padilla and Congressman Darrell Issa sponsored a direct congressional appropriation to construct a new transmission main in Borrego Springs Road and replace aging pipelines in Sun Gold. The two projects will cost $4.2 mil. of which the appropriation will cover 80%. If BWD where to cover the entire cost the base water rate would increase by $.50 per unit. The new lines will provide more reliable service and enhanced fire protection. BWD has 45 miles of pipeline that must be replaced ASAP.

LETTERS CAVEAT: For a few years now, San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond, who's District includes Borrego Springs, and the Francoise Rhodes, Executive Director of the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce, The Usual Suspects, have each been publishing a 'letter' in every issue of the Borrego Sun. These missives are, and should be published and labeled as, reports on the activities of the respective individuals or their organizations. They are included in the tally of Letters to the Editor herein because that is how the paper publishes them. Due to the small number of letters appearing in each issue, however, doing so significantly skews the count and is misleading. For the sake of data continuity, we will continue counting them as 'letters' so long as the Borrego Sun presents them as such, but with this caveat.


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