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Digger - March 12, 2019

Highlights of recent articles about or related to groundwater in the Borrego Valley of California and efforts to manage it - or not.

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Borrego Sun 03/05/2020

Letters to the Editor, p. 6

No letters.

Borrego Water District Update, p 7

The annual BWD Town Hall Meeting will be on 17 March at 5:30 p.m. in the Library. The draft agenda includes: 2019 operational accomplishments and capital improvement projects, District finances, grant funding efforts, Proposition 218 rate setting process, and a Stipulated Judgment update.

The WaterMaster is Coming, p. 7

The first meeting of the Borrego Springs Basin WaterMaster Board, which has responsibility for implementing the recently approved Settlement Agreement and Stipulated Judgment that was signed by 92.4% of basin pumpers, is tentatively scheduled for 31 March and is the first step in getting the Board up and running. The Board comprises representatives of Municipal, Agricultural, and Recreational (golf) pumpers, plus a Community Representative and the County of San Diego should they decide to participate. The Board is expected to put hiring an Executive Director, Attorney and Support Staff near the top of it's to-do list.

Borrego Sun 02/20/2020

WMB Rep. Mark Jorgensen, p. 1

In a public forum the BWD board unanimously appointed Mark Jorgensen Community Representative to the Borrego Basin Water Master Board and Martha Deichler as alternate. Jorgensen said he thought the "selection process ended up being very fair, and it reflected the will of the people in the community." The Sun article opined that "Borrego is indeed fortunate to have the right man at the right time for the job of representing an entire community."

Letters to the Editor, p. 6

One letter, none about water

Borrego Water District Update, p 7

At the BWD board meeting on 11 February, BWD's General Manager delivered good news regarding the District's investments in solar energy systems that have resulted in approximately $185,000 saved since 2016.

Untitled, p. 7

BWD completed all of the required filings for the Settlement Agreement and Stipulated Judgment prior to the 31 January 2020 deadline. More than 92% of pumpers signed the documents. "Pumping reductions will be front end loaded to ensure 50% of the required. reductions will occur within the next 10 years" and flow meters will be required for all large pumpers in March 2020. Borrego Springs is the only "Critically Overdrafted" Basin in California using the Water Master Board framework.[Editorial comment:It remains a puzzle how reducing water use by half during the first half of the implementation period should count as "front loading," but that is the claim.]

Borrego Sun 02/06/2020

Letters to the Editor, p. 6

Three letters, none about water

BWD Happenings, p. 7

(DISCLAIMER: This is a badly written and apparently unedited article much of which, as a result, makes little or no sense. Little wonder there is no byline. For what it's worth, here is a summary.)

Highlights of the BWD board meeting on 28 January.

  • The high school is paying $10K/mo. for irrigation but the cost will soon be reduced by switching to solar power for the well pumps. (No mention of reducing the amount of irrigation water used each month however.)

  • "Next on the agenda was to rewrite a description of the duties and responsibilities of the BWD's rep to the Water Master Board and that of the Community Member..." (Not clear from the article whether they actually did that or not.)

  • Former San Diego County of San Diego Hydrologist, John Peterson gave a presentation on how to acquire the best data on water quality and aquifer level from the 31 existing monitoring wells: "Get the cheap data first. and fill the gaps in the system." Peterson was referring to data expected to be supplied by pumpers on a swath of land from Coyote Creek to the Borrego Sink that currently has few if any monitoring wells.

  • Rick Alexander is seeking grants "for various projects" prominent among which is dealing with 108 'inactive' and probably abandoned wells in the Valley identified by BWD that are "not properly destroyed and capped" and pose "a potential danger to public health." Property owners are reluctant to spend the large sums of money required to properly destroy/cap an inactive well, so there is considerable financial risk to BWD and the County from potential law suits over contamination of groundwater from inactive or abandoned wells. BWD has identified the inactive/abandoned wells and both BWD and the County may have to bear some of the costs of destroying and capping them.

  • A paragraph that makes absolutely no sense. Remarkable even for this feeble effort.

  • BWD pumped 1,500 acre feet of water in 2019. That was a reduction from the previous year attributed to conservation efforts, but resulted in a loss of revenue to the District from water sales.

  • Eighty-seven percent of pumpers have now joined the Stipulated Agreement. That is close to the goal of ninety percent set by BWD.
  • Untitled, p. 7

    The proposed Settlement Agreement and Stipulated Judgment for the Borrego Springs sub Basin were filed with the California Department of Water Resources and the Superior Court of San Diego County on 31 January 2020. Over 92% of Basin pumpers signed the documents. The rest of the short article briefly recaps the history of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan/Groundwater Management Plan development leading to a Stipulated Agreement among pumpers.

    Stipulated Judgment vs. Groundwater Management Plan, Point of View, p. 7

    A piece by John Peterson, former San Diego County Hydrologist, addressing the fact that California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act fails to address "the thorny issue of California water rights," thereby casting 'a cloud of uncertainty over future groundwater rights and supplies.' In parallel with the public process of developing a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (SGMA) there was a separate confidential process involving discussions among the major groundwater extractors in the basin (agriculture and recreation (golf)) led by BWD. The latter led to an agreement among the parties to decrease groundwater extractions by 75%. "This agreement is enforceable and... addresses the legal enforcement of water rights within the basin." It is Peterson's opinion that a Groundwater Sustainability Plan, such as is called for by SGMA, "would not have solved our problem due to the limitations of determining water allocation and water rights" whereas the Stipuilated Agreement arrived at via the confidential process will result in a Stipulated Judgment that is enforceable and "can finally make a difference in solving our groundwater overdraft."

    Borrego Water District Update, p. 10

    John Peterson, former San Diego County Hydrologist, and Jay Jones, of Environmental Navigation Services, Inc. presented an update on water quality and groundwater elevation monitoring at the BWD board meeting on January 28. The frequency of sampling has been increased and they continue to look for new wells to augment the 31 presently monitored. Peterson argued that more information is needed especially about existing contaminants and "Jones pointed out that the Groundwater Management Plan identifies data gaps, such as how water quality changes with depth." BWD's General Manager "explained that the investigation team is hoping to obtain permission from well owners in the unrepresented areas to take samples from their production wells" rather than drilling new monitoring wells, but monitoring "will definitely continue." In summary, Peterson said: "The question is not when we will run out of water, but when we will run out of cheap water."

    Borrego Sun 01/23/2020

    Letters to the Editor, p. 6

    Three letters, none about water

    BWD Reviews Stip Public Comments, WMB Selection Process, p. 7

    Borrego Water District General Manager Geoff Poole and attorney Steve Anderson summarized the comments and responses to the Stipulated Agreement (Stip), many of which were related to "the way in which the Water Master Board (WMB) would be formed and utilized during the 20 year implementation period," before the board gave unanimous approval to execute the settlement agreement. "This is the first time in 45 years we have the ability to take action," Anderson said. "About 75% of all pumpers are covered by the Stip, but [Anderson] said he is trying for 90% or above." The names of parties to the Stip will be made public along with those of the 'stragglers' who did not agree to participate in the settlement in hopes of encouraging the latter to participate. There is, however, little or no likelihood of further changes to the Stip to accommodate them. "One issue settled by the Stip was 'parties in disagreement' on the WMB. The Community Representative can now appeal any decision made and use the legal resources provided to the WMB to do so."

    BWD Happenings, Questions for WMB Candidates, p. 7

    WMB Selection Begins, p. 7

    At its 14 January meeting the BWD board unanimously elected Director Dave Duncan as BWD representative on the Water Master Board and Director Kathy Dice as alternate. A nominating committee comprising GSP Advisory Committee members representing BWD, the State Park, the Stewardship Council, and the School District selected four candidates: Martha Deichler, Rebecca Falk, Bri Fordem and Mark Jorgensen. Originally the selection was to be made by WMB members representing BWD, agriculture, and recreation but, based on comments received on the Stipulated Judgement, the procedure was changed so that the appointment would be made by the BWD board.

    Borrego Sun 01/09/2020

    WMB Rep Selection, p. 1

    An agreement reached among parties negotiating the Stipulated Agreement designated the BWD board as the body that will select the Community Member of the Water Master Board (WMB) based on background, qualifications, and interviews with candidates at a public hearing. The appointment of a community member to the WMB was mentioned frequently in the public comments received on the draft Stipulated Agreement.

    Time for Change, Editorial, p. 6

    The last paragraph of the editorial concerns water: "It seems that the Water Management Agreement (now GMP), is in its final form. Let's hope that after all the effort put into its creation it succeeds in serving its purpose. Time will tell."(Editorial comment: Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the product of five years work.)

    Letters to the Editor, p. 6

    Two letters, one about water

    "Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant", p. 7

    Rebecca Falk, Chair of the Borrego Springs Community Sponsor Group, represented the Group on the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Advisory Committee. In an op-ed she warns against surrendering Borrego Springs' future "to a handful of people or corporations who have been overpumping our water," but it appears that ship has long-since sailed. (For the full text of this letter click here.)

    Who Will Represent the Community on the Water Master Board?, p. 7

    Public comments on the Stipulated Judgment "included many... on the selection of the Community Member who will sit on the Water Master Board" to represent the community at large on various water related issues. The BWD board will make the selection in a public meeting after interviewing candidates and providing an opportunity for the public to ask questions of them. The article also addresses, without explicitly acknowledging or resolving, another serious concern that has been raised about the proposed Stipulated Judgment, i.e. that the Community Member of the Water Master Board (WMB) will be the only member of the WMB without funds to hire legal or other experts to advise and assist them in disputing a decision of the WMB. It simply asserts without preamble or elaboration that "The Stipulated Agreement was structured to include the right for the Community Member to consult with the Board's legal council and register an appeal if warranted."

    Responses to Stipulated Judgement, p. 8

    During the public comment period for the Stipulated Agreement thirteen individuals or entities submitted comments. Many of those doing so addressed multiple aspects of the Stipulated Agreement. The Borrego Sun unpacked the thirty-seven specific comments and grouped them into six categories:

    Eight of the seventeen specific comments in the Governence category addressed "selection processselection of the WMB Community Member and the Stipulated Judgment was revised accordingly to take into account the expressed concerns: "The BWD Board will make the selection of the WMB Community [Member?] after local organizations provide a slate of candidates and a public forum is held by the BWD."

    A second comment in the Governance category asking for assurance that a minority of members could not make WM Board decisions resulted in revision of the Stipulated Judgment "to require at least three affirmative votes on all matters not requiring a super-majority."

    A comment in the Miscellaneous category asking for exemption of water used for firefighting and other natural disasters [from regulation by the Stipulated Judgment?] prompted a revision of the Stipulated Judgment.

    An incomprehensible comment in the Water Rights/Legal Process category from the Borrego Springs Unified School District concerning "[t]he amount of water production requested to be non-reducible," also resulted in a revision of the Stipulated Judgment.

    The remaining thirty-three were simply "acknowledged," "noted," or explained away including one suggesting that the WMB Community Member be provided with "a budget... and/or support equivalent to the staff and support other members [of the WMB] will have" mentioned in two comment letters. That comment did not result in revision of the Stipulated Judgment because "we [BWD board members] are not aware of any judgments that compel Watermaster funds to be collected and directed to support any particular sector. Each party is responsible for their own costs," i.e. you can't make us do it. That is the equivalent of deliberatly sending the Community Member into a hatchet fight without a hatchet.

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