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BWC "Groundwater Management Policy Recommendations"
The Borrego Water District

Digger - November 20, 2014

The Borrego Water Cabal's (BWC) "Groundwater Management Policy Recommendations" (Recommendations) is described in a very Chamber of Commerce press release as "a significant milestone" produced after "many months of extensive negotiations and collaborative work." In fact, it is an oversized speed bump on the road to groundwater sustainability produced after wasting two years in secret conniving to guarantee pumpers another quarter-century to mine the aquifer.

The Recommendations are shamelessly derivative of the State Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). They contain nothing bold or innovative and ignore completely the urgency of the Borrego Basin's unique and dire groundwater situation. They might well be taken as a joke but for the extraordinarily serious consequences of their gross inadequacies. To add insult to injury the BWC, by implicitly claiming the Recommendations as its own, audaciously and disingenuously seeks to make a virtue of the necessity to comply with state law.

Of the ten Recommendations at least the six enumerated below have serious flaws. The remaining four, at best, may be considered relatively innocuous.

Collectively these anemic recommendations betray the opposition of pumpers on the BWC to timely implementation of an effective GSP and the complimentary disinclination of other members to confront, never mind overcome, the pumpers' attempt to slow-walk the process. The Recommendations are not then, as the press release enthuses, a "milestone;" they are a millstone.

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