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Hubris, Hypocrisy, and Mushroom Management

Digger - September 11, 2013

Several informative articles in the last two issues of The Borregan, taken together, shed some particularly unflattering light on the cabal doing business as the Borrego Water Coalition (BWC).

BWC members originally committed themselves to "establishing a collaborative, inclusive, transparent (emphasis added), and robust planning process for managing the Borrego Valley groundwater basin." Soon after that, however, members of the cabal apparently realized it was not in their self-interests to allow the public unfettered access to their wheeling and dealing, reneged on their commitment without so much as a by your leave, and created a process that is instead exclusive and opaque. BWC's website is the only window to the cabal's sanctum sanctorum through which commoners can observe its intrigues, albeit in a highly sanitized version and as if through a glass darkly. The process qualifies as collaborative only because one meaning of that word denotes a traitorous relationship with an enemy, i.e. special interests intent on monopolizing and monetizing the water of Borrego's sole-source aquifer.

In spite of the cabal's secretive and imperious mode of operation, however, it has been invited to "assist" BWD in updating its Groundwater Management Plan and devising a new plan that a majority of community members will find acceptable even though they have been systematically excluded from participation in designing it. That is the height of hubris, hypocrisy, and mushroom management.

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