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Comments on BWD Manager's Report of August 2008

Digger - September 08, 2008

The BWD Manager's Report shares something with the television show "The Colbert Report;" i . e., the quality of " truthiness ." (Based on what one wishes or believes to be true or "gut feelings" rather than facts, evidence, or rational thought; i.e., " truthy but not facty ") It may be a well-intentioned effort to inform ratepayers and interested others of "some of the major activities that Borrego Water District is undertaking to ensure the Valley has a sustainable and high quality water supply for now and the future" as the opening paragraph claims. More likely, however, it is just another disingenuous attempt by General Manager Rich Williamson to make it appear as if BWD is moving forward on addressing the Valley's deteriorating water supply situation when, in fact, they are running in place if not sliding backward.

With respect to the five topical paragraphs of the subject report:

Finally, the above reference to "An updated Water Resources Management Plan" is, if not the first, then one of the very few public announcements that such a project was underway. The update is being directed by Bill Mills who has been working as a groundwater consultant to AAWARE, the local farmer's mutual benefit corporation, for a number of years. It has essentially been developed behind closed doors with no public participation. It will, therefore, bear extremely close scrutiny when finally released for public review and comment.

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