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DWR Advocates Sustainable Use As Solution To Overdraft

Digger - December 26, 2004

For anyone who follows the water wars in the Borrego Valley, reading "Balancing Water Equation is Key to Future" Borrego Sun (12/ 02 /04) was deju vu all over again. Tim Ross, an engineering geologist with the California Department of Water Resources advocates a focus on the critical idea of trying to balance water usage and recharge of the Borego Valley aquifer.   That is sustainable use.  It is exactly what many concerned residents of the Valley have been urging the Borrego Water District to focus on for years; but to no avail.

The action items cited in SOAC's recent letter to the Borrego Water District's ad hoc committee on groundwater and other, similar ideas have repeatedly been presented to the BWD.  Any and all of them, if implemented, would lead toward sustainable use. They have been "lost", ignored, and dismissed out of hand.  Perhaps DWR's stamp of approval will now make them more acceptable to the Worthies on the BWD Board.

As Ross says, there is no doubt that the aquifer has for many years been in overdraft and the only sure way to balance the inflow - outflow equation is to stop using so much water.  The BWD, however, repeatedly displays a dangerous desire to ignore this obvious truth in favor of the highly speculative concept of conjunctive use.  Let us hope that through the good offices of the DWR they can at last be persuaded to take a more realistic, reasonable and responsible approach to solving this very real problem.  Better late than never.

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