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The Borrego Water District's Integrated Water Resources Management Plan

Digger - January 10, 2009

In October 2008, the Borrego Water District released the 4th draft of an Integrated Water Resources Management Plan (IWRMP) to the public for review and comment. There was never any public notice that such a plan was being developed until the 4th draft was nearly complete.

Billed as "An updated Water Resources Management Plan" it was directed by a consultant, Bill Mills, who had worked for a number of years as a groundwater consultant to and lobbyist for AAWARE, the local farmer's mutual benefit corporation. It was essentially developed behind closed doors with no public participation and by a lead author who has a notorious conflict of interest. It therefore bears extremely close scrutiny. Unfortunately, the draft was not widely circulated and, when subjected to such scrutiny, the IWRMP, not surprisingly, proves to be heavily biased in favor the local farmers and is badly flawed in other respects as well.

Unfortunately, it is also quite long - 74 pages of text, 18 tables, 13 maps and charts, plus appendices - so it is highly unlikely that more than a very few Borregans - if any - will take the time or expend the effort to read and try to understand this fairly technical document. That is not accidental; but it is extremely unfortunate.

It was for a time posted on the Water District's website, but taken down as soon as possible, probably to avoid further embarrassment. But not to worry; the most egregious faults and falsehoods in the document are summarized in a Critique of the IWRMP for your elucidation and entertainment.

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