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Ready. Fire! Aim.

The 11 June Borrego Water District board meeting agenda contained the following:

Both of the above were in response to a provision in the pending Tiered Rate proposal to pay BWD ratepayers $1/sq. ft. for removing turf; and the board immediately began to consider them in earnest, ignoring completely the facts that:

In its original form the Tiered Rate proposal would have used income generated by increasing rates for heavy water users to pay for conservation measures. Unfortunately, the BWD gave away the store in an ill-considered and mishandled attempt to appease those who oppose tiered rates; so there will be no additional revenue for water conservation, at least for the first year. The cost of these necessary measures will, therefore, fall squarely on all ratepayers

This is just another sorry example of an all-too-common failing of BWDs erratic mode of operation (Ready. Fire! Aim.) and lack of fiscal responsibility. Far more often than not, as in this instance, they simply react and try to make things up as they go along. That makes about as much sense as trying to build an airplane and fly it to Rio at the same time. The BWD desperately needs a comprehensive, disciplined, focused, forward-looking, integrated, coherent, financially responsible approach to groundwater management and conservation. In short, they need at long last to get their act together.

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