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An Open Letter to the BWD Board*


The newly elected Borrego Water District board members will be seated on 26 November. This lame-duck board must put off approval of any employment agreement with the GM until then. All of you have actively or passively contributed to the districtís current low estate. Donít do any more damage to the water district and the community than you already have. Respect the will of the voters; donít spit in their faces. For you to negotiate a contract with the General Manager at this 11th hour is just one last childish, spiteful act. It is strictly analogous to a homeowner trashing a house because he bit off more than he could chew, as you did, and was foreclosed, as you were. If you have even a shred of dignity left, donít do this. You lost. Get over it. Do the right thing. Have some class. Walk off without demeaning yourselves further. Thank you.

Dennis W. Dickinson
BWD Ratepayer

*Read to the old Board consisting of Abby King, Kathy King, Eleanor Shimeall, and Bob Mendenhall on 17 November 2010 prior to their unanimous approval of an $85,000 severance package for General Manager Richard S. Williamson who tendered his resignation effective 17 December 2010.

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