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Mediocracy: Borrego's Default Form of Local Government

Digger - October 20, 2008

The three candidates for two open seats on the Borrego Water District board are a disappointing lot. They bring nothing new to the table and leave much to be desired.

The two incumbents will obviously offer only more of the same old same old and have already stayed too long at the fair. The third candidate, Jim Engelke, would strengthen the board's existing bias toward development that Borrego doesn't need and cannot afford.

Engelke is a local architect who never met a development project he didn't fall in love with. He fronts for many proposed developments in the valley, including one clever scheme that would divert water from Coyote Creek, the basin's major source of natural aquifer recharge, and then sell the water back to BWD. His election would create a majority of realtors/developers on the board, all of whom stand to benefit directly from more development in the valley.

There is little hope of any good outcome from the upcoming election both because of the anemic slate and because, unfortunately, Borregan's criteria for electing members to the BWD board are parochial and uninformed. Most voters know nothing about Borrego's precarious water supply - and care even less. They unwittingly act against their own interests when they:

In so doing they discourage anyone who might have the long-term best interests of the valley at heart from even running. The result is a sorry slate like the one for 2008 where, regrettably, the best option is: None of the above.

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