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Open Letter to Jim Desmond

Digger - 28 October 2019

The following letter was submitted to the Borrego Sun as a letter to the editor but not published. It appears here by permission of the author.

Jim Desmond
Fifth District Supervisor
San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Hello Jim,

We were glad to read that you held a community meeting for taxpayers in Borrego Springs. We are truly disappointed that we could not attend. Frankly we were surprised to read that you were not willing to hear what the ratepayers and voters had to say about the most significant problem facing Borrego Springs: WATER!

The headline in the September 5th issue of The Borrego Sun was "Supervisor Desmond Shadeway." Really Jim, is this the best use of taxpayer dollars? After all, did anyone really move to Borrego Springs expecting shade? We think there must be a misunderstanding. We hope we can help clear things up. Think of this Jim, for the price of a ten dollar umbrella one can walk all over town and be in the shade. You could hand out umbrellas with your name on them at our next parade. We can see it now, people walking all over town carrying umbrellas with your name on them! Spending taxpayer dollars on a shade structure is not the best use of our resources. Did anyone at the community meeting tell you they wanted a walkway with shade? Whose idea is this anyway? This shade thing sounds more like a monument to Jim Desmond than something most taxpayers would want.

You were elected to lead us Jim. Step up! Use these funds to help solve our water problem. Here's an idea: how about fallowing some farmland. Securing our water supply and lowering our water rates should be the top priority of our elected officials.

John and Mary Delaney
Borrego Springs, California

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