Election 2006:  Recap and Lament


Well, the elections are over and it is time for damage assessment – and there is plenty to assess.  To see where we are headed with the new troika (Andersen, King, Smiley) we have for the most part only campaign statements, or lack thereof, for two of the candidates.  The third does have a track record, about which more later.


Of particular interest in this regard are the “Candidate’s Statements” by candidates for the BWD published in the “County of San Diego Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet” distributed before the election.





At the Chamber of Commerce Candidate’s Forum on 7 October 2006:



That only a paltry few Borregans took advantage of this opportunity to see the choices they were being offered in this election may, at least in small part, explain the election results, but neither speaks nor bodes well for the community. 


As for actual track records, except for Smiley, there is precious little.





Judging by all the high-priced ads in the last issue of the Borrego Sun before the election, and the slick, expensive brochures touting Roger Anderson and Steve Smiley that came in the mail, it appears there was a lot of money backing candidates that somebody thinks they can control.  Don't believe for a minute that the candidates featured in these expensive ads and mailings put up that kind of money.  You can bet it came from some combination of corporate agriculture, golf course owners and developers who are trying to elect proxies to do their bidding and stop any meaningful efforts to manage groundwater and correct the overdraft.  There is a lot of truth in the old saying that “If you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you can be sure somebody put him up there.”


Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the election just passed is what it says about the majority of Borregans; i.e., that they are possessed of a lemming-like instinct for mindless self-destruction and are hell-bent on destroying this enchanted valley for everyone.


So there you have it.  Not a pretty picture.  It’s going to be a rough ride.


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