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Last Note From The Ratepayer Representative to the Groundwater Sustainability Plan Advisory Committee

15 January 2020

Buenos días all.

Been struggling with condensing all the information available on the Stipulated Judgment and related matters, so will take the easy way out in my last note to you all as the Ratepayer Representative, and will limit my comments to the selection process for the Community Representative to the Watermaster Board.

The function of the Watermaster, as defined in the Stipulated Agreement Overview documents, is as follows: " The Court will establish a Watermaster and a Watermaster Board of Directors to oversee implementation of the Physical Solution and the Judgment. The Watermaster acts as an "arm of the Court". The five members of this board include representatives from the following entities: recreation, agriculture, San Diego County, BWD, and the community of Borrego Springs.

Once our comments regarding the Community Representative selection process were reviewed by the pumpers, it became clear that the process would have to change so that this representative would be selected through a process set out by BWD, and not by the pumpers.

BWD has opted for an interview system where the individuals nominated will respond to a series of questions posed by BWD.

BSUSD [Borrego Springs Unified School Distirct} nominated Martha Diechler and the GSP representatives nominated three individuals: Mark Jorgensen as the Representative (unanimous); Becky Falk and Bri Fordhem as Alternate Representatives (one abstention).

I would urge you all to advocate for Mark Jorgensen by communicating with our BWD members. Mark attended a number of our meetings, was a presenter, and conducted a mesquite transect for us as a way of demonstrating the devastating effects of the subsidence of our water table. He is also a well-respected and well-known member of our community, has worked in the Park for decades and, more importantly, continues to advocate for the best interest of the Borrego Valley and ABDSP with a full and experienced understanding of the value of our water resources.

Please continue your invaluable efforts by attending BWD meetings, reading up on the Stipulation on the BWD website, and continuing to voice your opinions regarding the preservation of our economic viability and our flora and fauna.

Our joint efforts did play an important part in crafting this stipulation and, even though we may not have achieved our goals as we set them out, it is clear that our voices are reflected in the document that will determine the economic, cultural, and environmental future of the Borrego Valley.

Thank you so much for your intelligent, heartfelt, and persistent efforts. It was a pleasure to work with all of you.

Gary A. Haldeman
Rate Payer Representative for GSA

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