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The State Groundwater Management Act and Geotourism: An Exercise in Magical Thinking

Digger - May 18, 2017

Dear Editor:

Michael Sadler"s discursive article about a Borrego Valley Stewardship Council workshop "focused on the realities of complying with the State Groundwater Management Act and the potential for a 'Geotourism Solution"" does not even attempt to establish a link between these two disparate topics if, in fact, there is one.

It does, however, recite comments by one of the "[k]ey speakers at the workshop" praising Borrego as having "done more than a fair job of managing... local water resources," having 'one of the best water management teams in the state," and already 'successful at working on our water problems."

Excuse me? On what planet does this person spend most of her time? In just sixty years people in the Borrego Valley have recklessly squandered an irreplaceable resource created during the Holocene, i.e. the Borrego Valley aquifer. With even mediocre management the aquifer would have provided more than ample water for the community indefinitely. Instead Borrego now faces a water crisis of existential proportions and still evinces no communal recognition of the problem nor willingness to solve it in a timely manner. Praising the Borrego Valley as a paradigm for groundwater management is equivalent to holding up the recent United Airlines v. Dr. Dao fiasco as the gold standard for customer relations.

And I still don't know what Geotourism has to do with anything.



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