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Tilting at Windmills

Digger - August 10, 2017

In a rude, digressive, uninformed letter to the editor of the Borrego Sun (07.27.2017) Edward Grangetto takes umbrage at John and Mary Delaneys' use of "pumpers" to refer to growers in an earlier letter to the editor, but that metonymy is merely a convenient short-hand for those in the Valley who do not purchase their water from BWD. There is nothing pejorative or "misguided" about it.

He is also incensed because they dare suggest that Borrego may have a future if "our local source of food and fiber dried up." If everyone in the community had to survive on food grown locally, however, they would all quickly starve and the only fiber produced in the valley is of the soluble variety contained in citrus, virtually all of which is trucked out of the valley.

The irrefutable truth is that irrigated agriculture has no place in a desert with an absolutely limited water supply. Nothing will end life as we know it in Borrego more certainly than the destruction of its sole-source aquifer and, thanks to prodigious amounts of water used by agriculture to enrich the few, Borrego is dangerously close to doing just that.

Like Grangetto, we should all hope that the Borrego Sun will "continue to explore the contribution of agriculture to Borrego," for the result of any honest assessment will be to demonstrate conclusively that the Delaneys are right, Grangetto's scurrilous screed notwithstanding.

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