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Haddock's Hysterical Harangue

Digger - December 5, 2017

Recently Linda Haddock, Executive Director/CEO, of the Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce, sent an e-mail to C of C members regarding Borrego's groundwater situation(see below) that is best described as hysterical. In particular, the views expressed in Haddock's diatribe reflect perceptions and intentions that deny reality and sow needless discord and divisiveness in the community. It conjures nefarious plots driven by malicious state and local actors ("enemies") bent on the takeover and destruction of Borrego Springs. The irrational, corrosive narrative and disparaging characterizations of those who do not support it should compel Borregans to take a step back and look hard at their financial support for the Chamber until such time as it installs new leadership.

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