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Only 50 Years Left!!!

Digger - April 30, 2010

The Borrego Sun article 04/15/2010) about the BWD Town Hall Meeting on 7 April did the community a disservice. It was relegated to page 4 of the paper and what should have been the lead was buried in an opaque reference that only appeared about two-thirds of the way through the article.

The single most important piece of information to come out of the meeting was the U. S. Geological Survey's (USGS) unqualified conclusion that, if nothing changes, we will have dewatered the upper aquifer and exhausted the economically available water in 50 years; i.e., for all practical purposes, the Borrego Valley will be out of water in 50 years.

That is the first time that any reputable agency or researcher has been willing to commit to a single number of years for the life of Borrego's aquifer rather than a range, and speaks directly to USGS's confidence in its prediction. It is also substantially less than even the low end of any previous prediction except a recent one that posited a range of 50 - 100 years.

Because science is cumulative, progressive, and self-correcting, this latest finding should represent the most reliable estimate of our aquifer's longevity to date. It is important that Borregans wake up and understand in no uncertain terms how close we are to the point of no return. For that reason, the article should have appeared front and center on page one of the paper under the heading: "Only 50 Years Left!!!" Unfortunately it didn't; so most Borregans will continue to slumber until it is too late.

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