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BWD Pissing Against the Tide

Digger - October 2, 2010

A recent San Diego Union Tribune article pointed out that government agencies, including the city of San Diego, and homeowner's association's in southern California are exploring local sources of groundwater as a sustainable option to cope with the rising cost and declining supply of imported water. The director of the California Groundwater Resources Association estimated that Southern California has seen a 20-25 percent drop in water from the Sacramento River Delta and Colorado River and a research hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey said developing groundwater is "much cheaper than bringing surface water from a long ways." As a result, drillers and experts argue that, despite the high cost of drilling, it is worth the investment.

Contrast this with the BWD's counter-intuitive decision to abandon the Borrego Valley aquifer in favor of increasingly scarce and expensive imported water. Makes you wonder what (if?) the worthies at the water district are thinking, doesn't it?

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