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The following poem was read by John Delaney, one of the authors, at the Borrego Water District's 11th Annual Town Hall Meeting on 28 March 2012. It was also published in the 12 April 2012 edition of the Borrego Sun by Friends of the Aquifer. It appears here by permission.


John & Mary Delaney - March 28, 2012

Big corporations with oodles of money
Are taking our water and it's not very funny

The folks in Borrego are treated like sheep
Lulled into silence with lies and deceit.

Some say the water supply is still good
Or we'll build a pipeline if we misunderstood

But studies have shown that they are all wrong
And for our poor aquifer it's only "how long?"

We see a new well and new citrus trees
All bringing our aquifer down to its knees

This park and this town are one of a kind
And to take all our water is really a crime

Our homes will be worthless, though the Aggies don't care
But what about the coyote, the bobcat and hare?

When they're hot and thirsty what will they do?
let's all remember it's their water too.

The pumpers have money and lawyers to fight
But we have the will and know that we're right

Profits gained by taking from others
Make us adversaries instead of brothers.

So come to the table and show us you're willing
To consider OUR future and stop all that drilling

We're willing to fight but we'd rather be nice
Just sell us your land at a reasonable price

If the pumpers aren't fair and decide to be petty
Borregans will need a Plan B to be ready

It will take lots of money to vanquish our foe
But to save our town, we'll raise the dough

We won't sit quiet until it's too late
If all else fails, we'll adjudicate

So come on pumpers, stop taking our water
Don't treat us like lambs being led to the slaughter

And one last request as you head out of town
Please take all this mustard that's been hanging around

John & Mary Delaney
Borrego Springs, CA
March 2012

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