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The following ad was run in The Borrego Sun on 15 March 2012 by Stop the Overdraft Please (STOP), a group of local water activists who seek to prevent corporate agriculture from destroying the Borrego Valley aquifer.

Borrego Water District Ratepayers!

Do you know that:

Water in the Borrego Valley aquifer is rapidly disappearing? The USGS estimates we have only about a 50 year supply remaining, and who knows how much of that is drinkable.

A recently completed Pipeline Feasibility Study found that "Borrego Springs should concentrate on moving towards valley-wide sustainability over importation..." because a pipeline faces huge obstacles; groundwater conservation is the only solution to the overdraft.

By far the largest water users in the Valley are farms located outside the Water District's service area and owned by agri-businesses headquartered outside Borrego. They rely on their own wells to pump water from our common aquifer and contribute nothing to the Water District's expensive groundwater management efforts.

Unless the overdraft is stopped, water rates will continue to go up because as the water level falls, water becomes more costly to pump and may require purification.

Property values will continue to decline along with the water table.

Once an aquifer such as Borrego's is in overdraft, the right to withdraw water from it can be limited, but no serious attempt to do so has ever been made in the Borrego Valley.

Paid for by STOP: Stop the Overdraft Please

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