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Former BWD General Manager Tom Weber Dies

Digger - June 20, 2016

Tom Weber was the General Manager of the Borrego Water District from 1998 until 2003. He died in February 2016. Most in Borrego today probably do not know his name or what he accomplished in those five years, let alone what he tried to and might well have achieved. That is a shame and historical injustice for he saw clearly the threat to Borrego's future posed by relentless and irresponsible mining of its sole-source aquifer and worked diligently to stop it. Unfortunately the arrogant, incompetent, and self-righteous BWD board at the time was ill-equipped to understand and certainly did not share his deep concern for Borrego Springs and courage of conviction. Despite his good efforts to prevent it, therefore, Borrego now faces a veritable existential crisis that should, could, and doubtless would have been avoided or at least greatly ameliorated had his singular insight and exertions toward forestalling the present exigency been recognized, appreciated, and supported nearly two decades ago.

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