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Throw the Bums Out!

Digger - September 13, 2010

A recent editorial in the Borrego Sun soliciting local candidates for the November election pointed out that, although many Borregans don't think about it, "this community does not run on auto-pilot... [Boards of] Directors... guide our future." It is, theoretically, right on both counts: Most Borregans don't think or know (or care, for that matter) much about how the community works and boards are supposed to safeguard the community's future.

In fact, however, the present BWD board has failed miserably in guiding the water district toward a secure, sustainable, and affordable water supply going forward. The editorial astutely suggests that, since three of the five BWD board seats are up for grabs in November, there is "a chance for a real change in direction... as Borrego Springs faces critical decisions" regarding its water supply. It is high time to replace all of those who have time and again demonstrated their eagerness to get along by going along with the General Manager's grandiose, aspirational schemes and a willingness to bankrupt the district in the bargain.

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