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Fortiners Take First Step Toward Accurate Measure Of Agricultural Water Use

Many thanks are due Scot Fortiner and his father, Sam, for the generous community spirit they demonstrated in permitting the BWD to install and monitor meters on their irrigation wells. That single selfless act will do a lot to reduce the justifiable suspicion that data on agricultural water use in the Valley is not accurate and underestimates actual use. This suspicion, fed by the farmerís heretofore unanimous, extreme, and almost paranoid reluctance to disclose irrigation water use figures, has frustrated many otherwise promising initiatives to deal with the serious overdraft of the Borrego Valley aquifer. Over time the Fortinerís generous cooperation may help to provide an acceptable point of departure for useful discussions about water conservation if more pumpers elect to share meter readings with the Borrego Water District. In any case, it is a big step in the right direction, and we may hope that other farms and golf courses will quickly follow the Fortinerís lead. Thanks again to Scot and Sam for showing the way.

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